5 Helpful Tips on Choosing the Best Guest Speaker for Your Conference


When you think of a guest speaker for your upcoming conference, you imagined the speaker to fulfill all your objectives. But in real world this doesn’t happen and it’s a very tough task to find the right person as your guest speaker and having the ability to fulfill all your tasks.

So, how to choose a guest speaker. Here are few points that may be helpful for your search.

Speaker Categories:

To make your search little narrow let’s divide the speakers into various categories as per their expertise. After all you will not invite a spiritual speaker to a technology conference. So it’s very much necessary to select a speaker who is related to the subject of the conference. The categories may be Industry Speakers, Motivational Speakers, and Celebrity Speakers etc.

Searching a Speaker:

If you are not familiar with any of the best speakers in a particular category/subject, take the help of Internet. Search for a term like “Keynote Speaker” or anything you need and the website of a quality professional speaker can be found within 1st or 2nd page of the search results. The website contains some testimonials and may be some short video clips of previous conferences that help you to decide.


As you know testimonials can be helpful in deciding about the speaker, you may make some inquiry about those testimonials. It will be good to ask them about some of their recent clientele. So you can contact those clients and seek their feedback. This also helps you to take the right decision.

Listen to Him/Her Live:

This is a great idea, before taking the decision. You will have a live experience. But generally it may not be possible, but it will be good if you travel a little to attend a conference and make your own personal like or dislikes. Also you can watch some live performance video available on internet his/her website. Those videos may be edited but it somehow helps you in taking the right decision.


This matters a lot as it affects your budget. But in case of choosing a best speaker for your conference you may give importance to a highly talented speaker who holds your audience for longer period of time rather than money. After all you are aware that a person charging 1000USD for show is not similar to the one who charges 5000USD.


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